Successful succession planning is critical to a business’ continuation when ownership or a management team is changing or being replaced. Business transition, whether large or small, requires a great deal of thought and planning. As a third generation family business, Frank Carroll Financial has gained first-hand experience in completing successful transitions. We have also established a wealth of experience advising and guiding other organisations through this complex but ultimately rewarding process.

Analysis of the Current Situation

  • Consideration of personal and corporate assets
  • Review of management, shareholder and family agreements
  • Planning for adequate insurance coverages
  • Review of benefits and pension opportunities for employees and owners
  • Estate planning

Review of Ownership Structure

  • Assess current ownership structure
  • Review employee compensation models
  • Strategies to mitigate the impact of personal and corporate taxation

Wealth Management

  • Plan to minimize taxes, fees and expenses
  • Estate plan re-organisation


Wherever you are in the business cycle, we can help. While the length of time it will take to create a transitional plan varies with each business, beginning the process early ensures that the transition will happen as effectively as possible. We recommend beginning the process at least five years ahead of your planned transition date. This maximizes opportunities to avoid unnecessary taxes, fees and delays whilst allowing you to take full advantage of financial benefits in preparation of your future retirement.